Online registration has closed, but you are still able to register at the race tomorrow! Just stop by the registration tent and we will get you taken care of! 

What if my kiddo wants to run with a friend?

We'll do the best we can, but the only way we can guarantee it is if they're in the same heat. How do they get in the same heat? Coordination between Moms to make sure Jimmy and Johnny sign up for the same time is the most likely solution. I mean, let's all be realistic, we Dads have a hard enough time making sure Jimmy's changed his underwear in the last week much less keeping track of who he's going to be running with.

Can my kiddo wear a costume?

Absolutely, Batman, Spiderman, and Cinderella are all welcome at the race.

How old do my kiddos have to be?

Starting at 9:30am, we'll have race style heats for grades K-5 with the bigger kiddos starting out front to keep from trampling the smaller kiddos. For the monkey's younger than Kindergarten, we'll have an open course style heat where mom and dad will work their way through the course with their kiddos taking their own pace.

What if I have Pre-K and K-5 in the same family?

If you've got Pre-K and K-5 kiddos in the same family, then you're welcome to run them in the same heat to save the wait as long as you're laid back and keep the pre-K kiddos hanging at the back of the pack.