What Does A Kiddo Get?

  1. Entry into the race.
  2. The official John's Run 2016 Shirt
  3. Music at the afterparty.
  4. A scoop of ice cream.
  5. Access to the bounce house.
  6. That sense of awesomeness that you get when you do something big.

Is is Safe?

We've taken every possible precaution to make sure you have a safe and fun time. All of us having kids of our own aren't real interested in seeing tears any more than you are and there will be EMT's, band-aids and woobies on scene to handle them if they occur.

Can My Kids Do This?

Sure thing. Little monkies of all sizes will be having a blast on the course.

How Does the Course Work?

Course boundaries will be marked from start to finish with tape and barriers to keep everyone on course.

Heats of 100 kiddos will start every 15 minutes. We'll ask that the oldest kids come to the front of the pack at the start to keep the smaller ones from getting run over. Heats will be divided into middle, elementary and pre-school when you register. Feel free to put your child in the one you feel would be most appropriate.

The last heat of the day will be an "open course" pre-school and under heat. In this heat the littlest ones will be able to move at their own speed completing as much or as little of the course in the order.

At each obstacle and along the way will be a plethora ("Would you say I had a plethora?") of volunteers to help guide kiddos around the course and through the obstacles.

Will my kid get run over by other kids?

We sure hope not. We're starting like sizes together to keep the kiddos from bashing into each other out of an abundance of enthusiasm.

Do I have to stay with my kid?

Your child needs to arrive and leave with you or the person who brought them. You're welcome to follow them along the course as long as you're considerate of the other folks around you. For the pre-school kiddos, this will be mandatory. The course will be closed to outsiders and children will not be allowed to leave the course until they reach the finish line.

Packet pick-up?

Packet pick-up is where you come to get your goodies (shirt, tag, etc) before race day so you can relax and watch the rest of all the harried procrastinators as they wrangle their kids through the race day registration process. Packet pick-up will be on 6/3 from 4-7 at Omega Sports off Battleground. Check out The Schedule page for details.

What should I bring?

  1. Your photo ID.
  2. A signed and dated copy of the participant waiver. You can download it here.

Can I pick up a friends packet?

Not for this race. Since we're dealing with kiddos, we'll need to give or get the info directly from their guardian. (For those of you prone to pout after finding out about this at the registration desk after you brought 7 of your kids buddies, I'm sorry, but it won't change our minds. It's a legal deal and we're honey badgers about that kind of stuff.

What should my kid wear?

Whatever they like. Comfortable shoes and play clothes are recommended, but if Johnny wants to learn the hard way that running a race in a new pair of cowboy boots kinda hurts, we say rock and roll mom. We've got your back. Superman, batgirl and other various costumes are encouraged. This is essentially a day at the park on steroids, so they should be good to go.

When does the fun start?

First heat kicks off at 9:30am and race day registration will open at 8am.

We recommend aiming to arrive about 30 minutes prior to your heat time and telling Johnny he has to sleep late then bringing him in his PJ's when he rolls out of bed. Nobody will ever know.


We sure hope not. There is no rain date, so the event will proceed "rain or shine". The kids probably won't care, but the parents will be walking around like a bunch of cats taking a shower. It's funny what age will do for your rain tolerance.


Yep. We're going caveman timing style, though. Look at your watch when Johnny crosses the start line and when he crosses the finish line look at it again. The difference between these 2 times is his time. Subtract a little because you probably weren't paying great attention at either spot and then make a number up to tell Johnny when he asks. Also tell him this was the fastest time of the day. We won't rat you out.

Can I mail entries in?

Nope. It's the 21st century. Time to put down the pager and join the rest of the world.

Is there a heat for adults?

Nope, but if beating a bunch of elementary kids in a footrace is what gets you out of bed in the morning, then if you ask nice will give you a finisher's prize.

Can I get a refund?

Nope. Too much planning and expense to let folks slide. You can transfer your entry to someone else by emailing us via our Contact Us page, though.

Is there race day registration?

Yep, but it's gonna cost you a little more. We'll accept sign-ups until the next to last heat begins. Seriously though, just sign up in advance and save the dough.

Where do I park?

Say a big thank to the folks at Downtown Greensboro Inc. and enjoy: Click Here for Parking Downtown

Don't see an answer to your question here?

Give us a shout on our Contact Us page and we'll work things out.